"Free your secrets and become who you are." Frank Warren

One of the most fascinating concepts I have ever seen in the last months is, by far, Post Secret. It was introduced to me by a dear friend and I never payed attention to it....that is, until now. I have recently entered, for the first time www.postsecret.com (you can also go to PostSecretRo, the Romanian version), the website of this fantastic project. Founded by Frank Warren, the website publishes thousands of secrets sent by postcards by its readers. Some
are funny, some feel just so damn right, but some shake you to the core. It is exactly its ability to move something inside each and every one of us that makes me love it so much, as well as how personal the cards look like. We all have secrets and sharing them can
relieve us by a burden as heavy as our whole heart.

Ultimately, in my opinion, what Frank Warren does, by collecting and publishing all these postcards, is art. This is its purpose, to make people feel something real. And that is exactly what he offers us.

Here are some of the postcards and a little experiment:


nookie said...

aww, it reminds of a scene from Lipstick Jungle;)

A dreamer. said...

:) I posted one time last year some of them!
it's interesting, it's like turning back in time!

not wendy said...

There is something so irresistibly haunting about a place full of secrets.

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