Les bon temps

I have spent this summer's holiday at my grandparents', in the mountains and in Greece, on the Thassos Island and in Athens.

To my surprise, the island was a fantastic place, with great people, good food and fantastic wine. Every single place was great and I really spoiled myself while I was there. Stumbling upon this fantastic restaurant, I had by far the best food in a very long time, including the best chocolate soufflé and the best sea food in my entire life.

Athens was horribly disappointing and I am really not in the mood for going into details.

However, the reason why I went to Greece in the first place was the U2 concert. Oh yes, I had the chance to see Bono&Co live and I did. Needless to say that it was fantastic.



A dreamer. said...

aww, I'm glad you're back and that you had such a nice vacation.
even if some things were bad, I'm sure you felt very peaceful, which means a lot!

autumn's here now, right?

Irrina said...

I miss the warmth outside, really. I'm not that much of a cold person.

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